Summer Diet Tip: Drinking 1 Glass of This Juice Is Equal to 2 Servings of Fruit

by Pauline De Mesa
Featured | March 12, 2019

Remember that saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” But with all our daily activities and busy schedules, we can’t help but feel guilty for not having the time to eat enough fruits in one day.

We’ve all heard the usual “secret” to a healthy physical and mental state – exercise, a good amount of sleep, and a proper diet. But considering that we’re living in the metro with a packed and fast-paced lifestyle, there’s a need for easy and convenient products that help us live healthier.


Luckily, one glass of Welch’s grape juice is actually equivalent to 2 servings of fruit to fuel your body with that much-needed nutrients. Grapes, in particular, are a rich source of antioxidants which keeps our immune system strong in holding off viruses that cause the common cold and coughs.

Welch’s 100% grape juices are made from Concord grapes which make for real grape goodness everyone would enjoy. It’s packed with nutrients such as polyphenols that promote healthy blood flow, while also providing an anti-clotting effect similar to red wine, and helps maintain stable blood pressure.


These benefits from a glass of Welch’s comes from only the freshest and purest grapes with no added sugar. Thus, making it a delicious and nutritious drink for all ages.

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