16 Filipino Delicacies You Should Include on Your Pasalubong Checklist

by Pauline De Mesa
Featured | March 28, 2019

We all have different plans on how we’re going to spend the holidays. Some would travel back to their hometown to remember their loved ones who passed away, others take this as an opportunity to go on a road trip and unwind with their friends and family. If you’re traveling soon, don’t forget to bring back some of the region’s popular food as a pasalubong to your loved ones and friends. 

Pasalubongs make them feel special as they get to experience the culture of the place you’ve been to. For people who are looking for the best sweet native treats, here’s a checklist of pasalubongs you can consider bringing back after your trip!



Molded and wrapped in colorful cellophane, the classic Polvorons are made with toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar, and butter. For variety, some add rice crispies for texture, while others dip and coat them with melted white or dark chocolate for flavor.

Pili Boat Tart

Made with crunchy pili nuts and topped with meringue icing that balances the taste of this boat-shaped sweets. Best to buy these treats at Virgie’s Homemade Products located at the city of Bacolod. 

Pastillas de Leche

You can make these Filipino candies at home but if you want to taste an authentic Pastillas de Leche, Bulacan has the best. Made from pure carabao milk that’s been sourced from Nueva Ecija, every piece is more flavorful.

Ube Pastillas

Pastillas are one of the Filipino favorites when it comes to sweet delicacies, and for this reason, you should try another staple flavor: Ube Pastillas. It’s made with purple yam that complements the sweetness of milk and sugar.

Turrones De Kasoy

These cashew nut-filled treats are covered with an edible paper wrapper that has a milky and sugary taste. The home of the original Turrones De Kasoy is located in the province of San Jose, Sta. Rita, Pampanga. Ocampo-Lansang Delicacies has been making these delicacies the original and authentic way which, therefore, maintaining the quality of their products. 


These biscuits are rolled and heated on a barquillera or a flat wafer iron plate. Sugarlandia has been taking pride in their famous barquillos for generations as they make 5, 000 pieces every day. Experience the best of barquillos by topping them on your favorite ice cream flavor!



Piayas are made with unleavened bread that’s filled with muscovado sugar then flattened down. If you’re traveling to Bacolod, drop by Bailon located behind Lopue’s San Sebastian. Piayas have been popular in the city, so don’t forget to buy a couple of these treats as it’s easy to finish a pack in one sitting!


Popular in the areas of Iloilo and Bacolod, Pinagsubo is a deep fried sliced banana and coated with caramelized sugar and sesame seeds. They’re served inside rolled cone papers, making it a perfect to-go snack while you’re on your way back home.

Cashew Marzipan

These balls of chewy dessert are made of cashew nuts, milk, and eggs. Every piece is a treat to satisfy your sweet cravings or better yet, top them to cover cakes and turn them into a confectionery!


We are all nostalgic when it comes to these Meringue pasalubong sweets. We enjoy these light, sweet and airy treats as they deliciously melt in our mouths!

Macapuno Balls

These soft candies made with macapuno and condensed milk can be easily bought from the stalls inside the bus station. One pack would not be enough for anyone as every piece of these delightful Filipino delicacies is irresistible.

Dried Mango

Famous from the city of Cebu, these naturally sweet dried mangoes tastes really good, it’s a tropical delight everyone loves! The best dried mango brands are Philippine Brand and 7D which can be found in stores and supermarkets in Cebu.


For another sweet treat, Panotsa are made from chunks of peanuts formed in a flat disk with lots of crystalized brown sugar. 

Yema Tower

These pyramid-shaped yema candies are essential when it comes to pasalubong selections. Its sweetness brings us back to our childhood days where we can eat a dozen of these treats!


If you’re traveling to the Queen City of the South, this delicacy should be on your pasalubong list. Otap is an oval-shaped biscuit that is a sweet and crunchy snack you could munch on during a long trip. One of the brands that produce the best Otaps in Cebu is Shamrock, so consider stopping by the pasalubong stores along the streets of V. Gullas and Mabini at Cebu.

Sampaloc Candy

Sampaloc candy has been a popular candy in any areas of the Philippines, so finding this as your pasalubong wouldn’t be so hard. Sampaloc Candies are usually a concoction of Tamarind and sugar rolled into small balls.


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