Pandan-Wrapped Tilapia with Tamarind-Basil Sauce

by Pauline De Mesa
Seafood | March 1, 2019

Give your tilapia a flavorful twist! In this recipe, the fish is wrapped around pandan leaves that gives it a distinct fragrance and nutty taste. Finish the dish off and pour some home-made sour and sweet tamarind sauce on top!

Recipes by Chef Melissa Sison
Photographed by Ed Simon

Ingredients :

4 servings
4 pc Tilapia fillet (100g each)
4 tbsp Flour
4 pc Pandan, leaves
0.66 cup Vegetable oil
For Tamarind Sauce
1 tsp Garlic, minced
1 tsp Ginger, minced
1 tbsp Red onions, minced
2 tbsp Gin or lambanog
1 tbsp Tamarind powder mixed with 1 Tbsp Water
0.75 cup Water
1 tbsp Cornstarch
6 pc Basil leaves
Salt and pepper

Procedure :

  • 1
    Wash and pat the tilapia fillet dry. Do not remove the skin. Coat each fillet with flour and wrap each with pandan leaves and secure with a toothpick.
  • 2
    Heat the vegetable oil and pan fry the fish. Remove to a paper-lined plate to drain off the excess oil.
  • 3
    Using the same pan, drain the vegetable oil, leaving about 1 Tbsp oil. Sauté the garlic, ginger and red onions. Sauté for about 4 minutes.
  • 4
    Add the gin and reduce the alcohol. Deglaze the pan by scraping the bits stuck on the pan.
  • 5
    Add the tamarind paste. In another bowl, combine the water and cornstarch. Pour into the pan and simmer the sauce until slightly thickened. Season with salt and pepper. Finally, add the basil leaves.
  • 6
    Pour tamarind sauce on a serving plate and top with pandan-wrapped fillet.