The Table is Set for LA Wine & Dine

by Ysmael Suarez
Featured | April 24, 2019

We come with delicious news!

On May 1, 2019, Pinoy Appetite will be officially housed under Lifestyle Asia as their new dining section – LA Wine & Dine. Along with this, our Facebook page will be merged into Lifestyle Asia‘s and our Instagram page renamed to “LA Wine & Dine.”

With a growing appetite for the finer things, Lifestyle Asia is expanding its online content with more flavourful features on the finest and most appetising restaurants and bars, as well as the people behind them. This is where we (Pinoy Appetite) come in, as One Mega Group’s food media brand, we will now be at the forefront of all the delicious news cooking up in the Philippines and around the world. We are thrilled to be part of the Lifestyle Asia team and also excited for the scrumptious content we’ll be releasing soon.

So what exactly will LA Wine & Dine be? From the finest places to taste delicious dishes to the newest bars for the best cocktails, you can now find it all at our new home at LA Wine & Dine. Discover all the newest and unknown restaurants and bars in the Philippines and beyond; Taste exotic flavors at hidden eateries all over the globe; Learn about the stories that go into making favorite heirloom dishes; See the journeys of prominent chefs and how they create their edible art – Expect all these and even dessert from LA Wine & Dine.

Thus, a new mouthwatering era is dawning upon us and we hope you will join us on this tasty adventure.

– LA Wine & Dine Team