7 Guilt-Free Meatless Recipes You Can Cook This Lenten Season

by Pauline De Mesa
Eatlist | March 27, 2019

We Filipinos are known for our local traditions, especially when it comes to religious practices during Lenten season. One such practice is abstinence, refraining from eating meat, on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all Fridays during Lent. Since the Lenten season is focused on penance and sacrifice, a common practice is to hold back on earthly pleasures including meat and eating in general.

So for the devout (or just those looking to shed a few pounds), we’ve listed our guilt-free fish and leafy recipes you can try during your fasting.


Fish Salad


Sweet and a bit salty, this Filipino-style fish salad with Lapu-Lapu, vegetables, and various fruits: celery, carrots, tomatoes, onions, apples, and pineapples, is a perfect way to start a meal. It’s tossed with a simple dressing that’s a mixture of mayonnaise, salt, and a bit of sugar.

Get the recipe here.


Monggo Rice With Malunggay And Tinapa


Want that two-in-one combination of salty and pasty rice for the lenten season? This monggo rice topped with malunggay and tinapa is perfect any time of the day.

Get the recipe here.


Paksiw Na Bangus Sa Palayok


This simple yet satisfying pot of milkfish simmered in vinegar can warm up even the coldest of hearts. Nothing beats a classic combination of earthy spices combined with the sour spike of vinegar which makes the fish extra tender and flavorful.

Get the recipe here.


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Bangus Sisig


For sisig lovers, let’s have a bit of sacrifice and substitute the pork and chicken meat with fish and veggies! This version of sisig is made with meaty bangus and fresh bell peppers which makes a healthy and simple alternative to your pork meal.

Get the recipe here.


Salted Egg Sauce On Crispy Kangkong


Make this crispy kangkong snack topped with salted egg sauce for that rich salty taste. A good snack while binge-watching TV shows, plus, it’s actually “healthy” which makes it a perfect substitute for potato chips.

Get the recipe here.


Vegetable and Daing Pasta


Veer away from spaghetti loaded with beef and pork and make this light vegetable and daing pasta instead. Since we’re trying to practice self-control here and avoiding dishes that are too indulgent, give this garlicky pasta a try this Lenten season for a guilt-free meal.

Get the recipe here.


Fish Sinanglay


This Lenten season, why not be simple and cook this easy fish dish. Fish Sinanglay has a distinct flavor that’s not too strong which gives a subtle and sweet taste.

Get the recipe here.


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