Halo Halo Turon

by Pauline De Mesa
Dessert | September 3, 2019
Two of your classic Filipino meriendas in one lip-smacking dessert!
Halo-halo has been an all-time Filipino favorite dessert. This iconic day cooler is a dessert layered with shaved ice with milk, ube ice cream, macapuno strings, beans, flavored jellies and topped with a chunk of leche flan (or caramel custard) then mixed together. Now imagine this summertime treat, together with saging saba and langka then rolled inside a lumpia wrapper and viola! Halo-halo turon, your new merienda favorite!
Recipe by Celine Clemente-Lichauco
Photographed by John Ocampo of Studio 100

Ingredients :

Lumpia wrappers
Ripe but firm saba bananas, peeled and sliced lengthwise
Bottled ube jam
Bottled macapuno strings
Bottled red beans
Fresh or bottled jackfruit (langka)
Brown sugar
Oil, for frying

Procedure :

  • 1
    Put a teaspoon each of ube jam, macapuno, and beans in the center of a lumpia wrapper. Top with a thin slice of langka.
  • 2
    Lay the saba banana slice over the preserves. Fold tightly from the bottom part of the lumpia wrapper then midway, folding in both sides. Seal edges with dabs of water.
  • 3
    Heat cooking oil in a large frying pan. Roll lumpia in brown sugar then deep fry until golden brown. Remove with tongs and set lumpia upright in a colander to let excess oil drip down. Serve hot.
    Tip : Take this recipe to the next level by serving it with Pinoy sorbetes like ube, macapuno, or mantecado ice cream.