Fruity Dilis Kinilaw

by Pauline De Mesa
Seafood | February 27, 2019

Appetizer or pulutan? This Fruity Dilis Kinilaw is the answer. It’s made with fresh dilis mixed in a bowl of white onions, fresh pineapples, ginger, spring onions, calamansi juice, and sukang tuba.

Recipes by Patrick Roa of Patricio’s Cevicheria
Photographed by Greg Mayo

Ingredients :

4 servings
300 g Fresh dilis
1 cup Sukang tuba, divided
1 Medium red onion, thinly sliced
1 Medium white onion, thinly sliced
2 slice Fresh pineapple, cubed, plus more for garnish
2 tbsp Sliced ginger
1 tsp Chopped spring onions
Salt to taste
Juice from 2 calamansi
3 pc Red siling labuyo, chopped

Procedure :

  • 1
    Prepare and wash the dilis in 1⁄4 cup of sukang tuba. Pour into a strainer and discard the suka. Set dilis aside in a covered bowl and refrigerate.
  • 2
    In a non-reactive mixing bowl, mixthe sliced red and white onions, fresh pineapples, sliced ginger, spring onions, and calamansi juice.
  • 3
    Once mixed together, bring out the dilis and add to the other ingredients then add the rest of the sukang tuba. Toss the mixture like a salad. Season with salt.
  • 4
    Transfer to a serving plate or bowl. Garnish with sliced calamansi, siling labuyo, and additional fresh pineapples. Serve immediately.