6 Inihaw Recipes You Should Grill at Your Summer Beach Trip

by Pauline De Mesa
Eatlist | March 14, 2019

Summer is here!

Finally, that beach trip you’ve been planning for months has pushed through. Better start packing your ihawan, pork BBQ, tilapia, liempo, chicken inasal, and all your grrilling equipment. Enjoy pigging out by the beach and savor the roasted and juicy flavors we Filipinos love. Don’t forget to bring fresh sweet mangoes and chilled watermelons for dessert!


Chicken Inasal With Tanglad


One thing you’ll definitely find on a beach ihawan party is juicy grilled chicken skewers. In this recipe, the chicken legs are marinated with stalks of lemongrass and spices overnight. Prepare these pieces a day before your beach trip for a fresh and flavorful grilled chicken inasal!

Get the recipe here.


Inasal Na Liempo

A typical liempo is cooked with the usual salt and pepper combo. With this easy recipe, you can have your grilled liempo bursting with flavor in just minutes. Cook it inasal-style with an instant marinade then serve with a side of pako salad.

Get the recipe here.


Rellenong Inihaw na Pusit


Your boodle fight won’t be complete without freshly grilled seafood! Stuffed with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, and pork – this definitely makes a delectable and filling Pinoy dish. Don’t forget to serve it with  a calamansi and soy sauce dip for an added zesty flavor!

Get the recipe here.


Grilled Ensaladang Talong With Tinapa


Offer something light and healthy on your summer BBQ table and prepare this grilled eggplant salad with tinapa. The secret to its unique flavor are the salted eggs and a drizzle of honey-calamansi dressing!

Get the recipe here.


Pinoy Pork BBQ and Chicken Liver BBQ With Java Rice 

What goes together on a stick? Pork and chicken liver, of course! Grilled together, they make an amazing complementing taste. Serve with java rice on the side, making your barbeque meal complete!

Get the recipe here.


Inihaw na Bangus


Stuff your bangus with chopped tomatoes, onions, ginger, and shrimp paste then wrap it with banana leaves! Grill this stuffed fish that’s enough for the whole family to enjoy. Gather up those banana leaves and dig in with your bare hands on your festive summer boodle fight!

Get the recipe here.


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