7 Sweet Filipino Treats To Keep You Cool This Summer 2019

by Pauline De Mesa
Eatlist | March 6, 2019

What happens when summer strikes a tropical country? Intense heat! We all have our own ways to keep cool during hot weather – turning our air-conditioners on the whole day, wearing sleeveless and thin clothes anywhere, and of course, having a cold dessert to keep us cool on a hot sunny day.

We’ve listed our top sweet treats from cakes, puddings, shaved-ice, kakanin, and ice pops that will get you the chill vibes you need this summer!


Frozen Brazo De Mercedes


Finding the perfect dessert to cool you off? This is no ordinary cake as it’s layered with powdered sugar, smooth meringue, gooey custard, and ice cream. Yes, ice cream!

Get the recipe here.


Mais Con Yelo Black Rice Pudding With Pinipig


Add a twist to your Mais Con Yelo and mix in some glutinous black rice into the dessert. Not only does it add texture, but black rice also contains lots of health benefits like iron, antioxidants, and amino acids. It’s also known to fight cancer and helps lower bad cholesterol. Now that’s a guilt-free dessert!

Get the recipe here.


Buko Pandan With Sago And Pinipig


Coconut meat and pandan leaves definitely go well together. Make batches of this milky and creamy dessert and store them in the fridge. When you’re feeling a bit hot in the middle of the day, just grab one glass and indulge!

Get the recipe here.


Mais Con Hielo


A classic Filipino favorite that never fails to cool us down. With its simple ingredients: ice shavings, milk, sugar, and crispy corn flakes, this dessert in a glass will have you craving for more.

Get the recipe here.


Low-Fat Buko Pandan Pudding


Having a summer fiesta? Don’t forget to add this buko pandan pudding to your buffet set! It’s a dessert everyone will enjoy without too many unwanted calories.

Get the recipe here.




Top your kakanin with a scoop of local-flavored ice cream with various flavors. Be it mantecado, keso, avocado, or ube, this Inutak recipe is the perfect merienda for a hot summer day.

Get the recipe here.


Champorado Ice Pops With Pinipig


Ice pops are the perfect treat for kids! They’re so easy to make. Just mix in the ingredients together, pour it in the mold and freeze them overnight!

Get the recipe here.


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