These 90’s Treats Will Definitely Give You So Much Nostalgic Feels!

by Pauline De Mesa
Featured | March 28, 2019

If you were born in the late 80s or early 90’s, your childhood wouldn’t be complete if you never tried these snacks. In fact, most millennials feel nostalgic when photos of these treats appear on their timelines. Take a trip down memory lane as we list down some throwback treats that we enjoyed then and some until now.


Photo Credit: @keneth_md

This sachet of sweetened milk or chocolate powder has been the talk of the class during those days. Each pack has a straw for you to sip the milk powder. Yes, we could’ve opted for Nido or Milo, but the straw makes a huge difference for us kids. Do you remember a time when someone would just open the pack and pour everything into their mouths coughing or choking them in the process? If you coughed or choked yourself, you’ve done it in the “Mikmik way”.


Haw Flakes

Photo Credit: @djmumbles81

Stacked in columns, these tiny round flakes made great props for pretend play. As an innocent kid with overflowing creativity, we used haw flakes as communion bread. We’d even line up, do the sign of the cross, and open our mouths as the kid pretending to be the priest will put a piece on our tongues. It’s a bit weird to think about it today, but we had fun, right? Even at our age now, we’re still buying these tiny red discs full of flavor.


White Rabbit Candy

90's White Rabbit
Photo Credit: @nepali.foodie

I bet you ate the thin piece of wrap around the candy when you had one before. How many friends and younger sibling have we fooled by eating the thin layer of candy wrap inside the packaging? No need to worry though because the paper is made out of sticky rice, which makes it safe to eat! Aside from being famous for its edible wrapper, we cannot forget how milky and creamy the taste is.


Lumpiang Shanghai

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These small barrel-shaped chips coated with cheese have been our favorite choice snack for recess. And at one peso for a set of three, the pack was an absolute steal! Some would even put it on their fingers and play with it. And no matter how loud each bite of this crunchy treat is, the powdered flavoring is a surefire hit for kids. Sure it was messy and may contain a lot of MSG, but during those childhood days, it was the perfect pairing to a refreshing serving of ice tubig.

E-aji Dip Snax


Photo Credit: @iamkathramirez11

We are all wondering. Why did this brilliant snack concept of chips and dip in one package just suddenly disappear? Where else would you find nacho chips with dip choices like salsa, mayo BBQ, and cheddar cheese? Before, we were stuck with buying expensive cheese dips or making one ourselves. But E-aji solved every hungry kid’s snack problem. Yes, we think that E-aji Dip Snax has been one of the greatest combo snacks of all time. Too bad all that’s left are those sweet and salty memories of munching on those crispy things.


 Marie Biscuits

Photo Credit: @cookwithattitude
Marie Biscuits has been a popular snack for toddlers for its soft and milky taste. Well, we never let age stop us from partaking in this tasty treat. As kids often do, we’d play “church” and use these biscuits as communion bread like haw flakes – only bigger and thicker. We also brought them in school as a quick fix during study breaksGood thing it’s still in stores today with a different look but with the same great taste.


Tini Wini Cookies

Photo Credit: @wwofmoi

These small cookies are the ultimate childhood baons that we proudly get inside our lunch boxes and share with our friends. There was even a popular commercial of this that we’d reenact during breaks. And as cute and sweet-tasting these tiny cookies are, we’d even save some till the end of class so we can still eat some on the long ride home. While Tini Winis are said to be extinct, we could still enjoy a modern version of these packed as Sumo cookies.